Treating Corneal Blindness
Through Tissue Engineering

We have been waiting many years for something like this.  A bioengineered corneas not only a dream for many doctors and surgeons it is a requirement for saving the sight of many of those around the world who desperately need help to see again.  Finally.

Ramon Naranjo-Tackman, M.D. – Mexico City

Cornea Biosciences™ is helping solve world blindness

10,000,000 people

in the world are blind in one or both eyes from corneal injury or disease

The Need

According to data from eye banks and government health agencies, less than 150,000 corneal transplants are done annually worldwide due to a shortage of human cadaver corneas.

The Technology

Cornea Biosciences™ is addressing the shortage of human donor corneas through its revolutionary technology which has been shown to be completely biocompatible.

The Solution

The new tissue engineered corneas will not replace human tissue rather they will be supplemental.  As such, they could restore sight to millions of people who have suffered debilitating loss of vision due to corneal disease or injury.

See The Difference

Bioengineered CorneasHuman Corneas
Suture removal6.5 Weeks13 Months
Steroids6.5 Weeks12 Months
Corneal nervesStraight paths similar to normal corneasAbnormally tortuous
Touch sensitivityGreatGood
Visual acuity gain5.6 Lines9.9 Lines

Note: The chart displays the difference in surgeries with four year data of 10 patients implanted with the bio engineered cornea compared to four year results of a similar group of patients implants with human donor corneas.

Fagerholm, P, Lagali,N, Ong, J, Merrett, K, Jackson WB et. al. Stable corneal regeneration four years after implantation of cell free recombinant human collagen scaffold.

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